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Motor Control



Toshiba offers an extensive portfolio of semiconductor devices for small to medium sized motor applications. The concept of development is to have high efficiency. Toshiba aims to reduce heat dissipation from semiconductor devices, improve motor drive performance, and reduce size of packages. Toshiba’s innovative technology brings life to the motors, and improves its performance up to its full potential.

Motor Control Solutions

Brushless Motor

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Selection of Brushless Motor  Control



System Catalogs

Name Outline Date of issue
Toshiba’s semiconductor devices and solutions for small to medium sized motor applications 3/2017


White Paper
Name Outline Date of issue
  • ADMD technology optimizes switching control between fast decay mode and slow decay mode automatically by monitoring the state of current decay in the IC.
  • ACDS technology eliminates external resistors for constant current detection that were necessary for each channel.

Vector Engine

Itroduce the feature and the usage benefit about Vector Engine performed as vector control which requires on high-level motor control.

  • AGC
AGC automatically optimizes the motor current depending on the torque needed. It prevents motor from stalling and provides the optimum efficient motor control that cannot be achieved by conventional motor control drivers. 8/2017
InPAC technology compares phase of motor current  and phase of motor voltage. And the result is feed back to motor current control. Phase difference between motor voltage and motor current is adjusted automatically. This is the optimal system for achieving highly efficient drive. 8/2017



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