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Toshiba Launches Single-phase Fan Motor Pre-driver ICs

January 29, 2015

Package images of "TC78B006 series".

Realize low noise and high efficiency with sine wave drive

TOKYO–Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the launch of new single-phase fan motor pre-driver ICs, the TC78B006 series, for the cooling fans of PC servers and home appliances, such as refrigerators. Sample shipments start today.

The new ICs can be applied to high current applications with built-in pre-drive circuit to drive external MOSFETs. They implement the same sine-wave-driven function[1] as the current “TC78B002 series” to realize quiet operation, and a standby function to reduce power consumption when the fan motor is not in operation contributes to power saving operation.

Main Features of New Products

  • Quiet operation
    Vibration and noise of the motor are reduced by the digital-control-type sine wave drive.
  • Power saving
    The standby function reduces power consumption of the entire motor set by cutting power supply to the Hall element[2] when the motor is in standby mode.
  • Built-in pre-drive circuit
    Pre-drive circuits necessary to drive the external Pch MOSFET and Nch MOSFET are built in. Pch-Nch MOSFET can be driven with fewer external components.

Main Specifications of New Products

Part number TC78B006
Power supply
operation range
3.5 to 30V
PWM duty
input control
- -
Analog voltage
input control
- -
Rotation speed
detection output
- - - -
Lock detection
- - - -
Other features Standby mode
Lock protection and auto restart
Quick start
Current limit
Thermal shutdown
Under voltage lockout circuit
Package SSOP16
5.5mm×6.4mm×1.6mm 16pin
3mm×3mm×0.7mm 16pin


[1] Sine wave drive: a motor drive method that achieves low vibration and low noise by changing the voltage applied to motor sinusoidally according to the rotation position.

[2] Hall element: a magnetic sensor to detect rotor position and rotation speed.

Customer Inquiries

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Tel: +81-44-548-2826

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