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Toshiba Bluetooth® IC with Integrated DSP Targets Automotive Audio Streaming and Hands-free Subsystems

February 25, 2015

product photo:"TC35668IXBG"

In-built supporting circuitry and inclusion of full software stack and profiles significantly reduces system BoM and Time-to-Market

TOKYO – Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced a system IC that combines full Bluetooth® operation with audio processing capabilities and supporting circuitry. The TC35668IXBG offers a highly integrated solution for automotive hands-free and audio streaming subsystems. It is suitable for integration by car OEMs and for systems for the after-sales automotive market. It can also form the basis of a subsystem such as a wireless speaker.

In addition to support for Bluetooth v4.0 with embedded stack, various Bluetooth Classic profiles and GATT, Toshiba has incorporated a DSP that allows acoustic improvement inside a noisy environment, such as a car, and echo cancellation for hands-free systems. The signal processor is also capable of decoding audio content, including SBC, WBS, MP3 and AAC files. Another embedded MCU enables the execution of application software.

The TC35668IXBG features three core elements: a ARM® Cortex®-M3 based system core; Bluetooth core with ARM7TDMI-S™ and a CEVA TeakLite-III™ DSP core. The Bluetooth core combines a transceiver, antenna switch, balun, low noise amplifier and power amplifier. Toshiba has integrated not only the standard Bluetooth HCI (host controller interface) hardware and software but also a full software stack and set of 14 classic and BLE GATT profiles, which are Bluetooth SIG compliant. Stack and profiles are pre-certified and reside in an external Flash ROM, Application code is also stored in the external serial flash memory and executed from internal SRAM. This combination of hardware and software results in a very small bill of materials that can help companies minimize system size and cost, and allows a faster time-to-market due to proven embedded software. The device also incorporates a Bluetooth – Wi-Fi coexistence interface over 6-wires, to suppress conflict of concurrent radio signals in the 2.4GHz band.

The TC35668IXBG is supplied in a compact 97-ball P-VFBGA package measuring 6.0 × 6.0 × 1.0mm. It is sampling now and mass production is planned for July 2015. The automotive qualified LSI (AEC-Q100 compliant) will be launched at the same time.

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