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Toshiba Launches 13 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor

March 2, 2015

product photo:"T4KB3"

One of the world’s smallest chips, realizes low power consumption

TOKYO – Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the launch of "T4KB3", a 13 megapixel BSI[1] CMOS image sensor with the optical format of 1/3.07 inch for smartphones and tablets. Sample shipments start today.

In the market for mobile devices, a constant target for manufacturers is a small form factor; a final product that is thinner and lower in volume than products from other companies. Toshiba is meeting this need with a new design method that delivers smaller CMOS sensor chips.

The new design methodology helps to reduce the power consumption of the new 13 megapixel sensor to 53% of Toshiba’s sensor currently in mass production[2], to 200mW or less at 30fps. "T4KB3" is also world’s smallest class 13 megapixel sensor[3].

Short exposure time caused by high frame rate in high speed video recording usually produces underexposed images. "T4KB3", however, uses “Bright Mode” technology to boost image brightness up to four times while realizing Full-HD video capture at 120fps equivalent.

The sensor incorporates 8Kbit of one-time-programmable (OTP) memory that can store lens shading correction data for two conditions; correction data for indoors and for outdoors, for example, which have different light profiles. These conditions can be separately applied to image correction, and users can switch from one to the other with a simple command for better image capture.

Integration of the sensor into smartphones and tablets will allow them to record high quality video at high speed, which extends imaging capabilities into such areas as slow motion replay. Reductions in module size and power consumption will contribute to smaller, thinner camera modules with a smaller form factor.

Key Features

  • Low power circuit design to reduce power consumption to 53% that of Toshiba current product.
  • The world’s smallest class in chip size for 13 megapixel CMOS image sensor[3].
  • HD video capture at 120fps
  • "Bright Mode" technology to boost image brightness up to four times.


Smartphones and tablets

Main Specifications

Part Number T4KB3
Output Pixels 13 megapixels
Optical Size 1/3.07 inch
Pixel Pitch 1.12 micrometer BSI
Reference Module Size 8.5 mm × 8.5 mm (Auto focus type)
6.7 mm × 6.7 mm (Fixed focus type)
Sample Price 1,500 yen
Mass Production Schedule April 2015
Mass Production Volume 2 million units a month

Output Frame Rate (Max.)

Sensor output mode

(Output pixels)

Normal mode

(Progressive output)

Bright mode

(Interlaced output)

(After progressive conversion processing)

13M (4208 × 3120) 30 fps -
4K2K (4000 × 2160) 30 fps -
Full-HD (Crop:1920 × 1080) 60 fps 120 fps

HD (Crop&binning:1280 × 720)

120 fps -


[1] BSI: Back Side Illumination.

[2] Compared with "T4K82".

[3] Toshiba survey, as of March 2, 2015.

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Tel: +81-3-3457-3370

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