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Interim Judgment in Litigation Against Powerchip et al. in Taiwan

November 24, 2015

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced that it has received the interim judgment from the Intellectual Property Court in Taiwan against Taiwan’s Powerchip Technology Corporation, Powerflash Technology Corporation, Zentel Electronics Corporation, and C.T.C. Co., Ltd., for infringement of Toshiba’s Taiwan patents for NAND flash memory.

The interim judgment states the Toshiba’s Taiwan patents Nos. 154717 and I238412  shall not be invalidated, and NAND flash memory products manufactured by Powerchip and sold by Zentel Electronics (part Nos. A5U1GA31ATS-BC, A5U2GA31BTS-BC and A5U4GA31ATS-BC) infringe the Toshiba’s Taiwan patents.

Toshiba is asking the court to enjoin the manufacture and sale of infringing NAND flash memory products, and for compensation for damages, against Powerchip Technology, Powerflash Technology, Zentel Electronics, and C.T.C..

The damages are now being determined by Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Court. The Court will conclude the trial with the issue of its final judgment granting the injunction and monetary damages for the infringement.

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