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Toshiba to Launch Small Package Microcontroller with Built-in Pre-driver for Motor Control

November 30, 2015


TOKYO – Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the launch of a new microcontroller, "TMPM37AFSQG", as the latest addition to its ARM® Cortex®-M3-based "TX03 series". The new IC is the world’s smallest[1] vector control[2] microcontroller to incorporate an original coprocessor,[3] the "Vector Engine Plus," [4] and a pre-driver[5] to implement brushless DC motor control. Sample shipments will start in the middle of January 2016.

The TMPM37AFSQG contains a pre-driver that directly drives the MOSFET in small applications, including small fan motors. A single-power supply is also feasible since the power of the microcontroller is internally supplied from the power of the pre-driver. [6] Furthermore, peripheral parts, such as an Op-Amp[7] essential for current detection using shunt resistors[8] and a comparator[9] for over-current detection, have been incorporated in a small package (QFN32 5 x 5 mm), minimizing the mounting space.

The new IC can perform highly efficient vector control, realizing low vibration, low noise motor control. The TMPM37AFSQG greatly improves motor performance in user applications.

Key Features of New Product

Easily implements vector control drive and minimizes the mount space
  • ARM Cortex-M3 core, up to 40 MHz operation
    Complementary PWM, minimum unit: 25ns
  • Coprocessor: Vector Engine Plus (VE+)
  • Single-power supply[6]
  • Built-in pre-driver for direct drive of MOSFET for three-phase PWM output
  • 12-bit AD converter, Op-amp, and over-current detection circuit
  • VQFN32 (5 mm x 5 mm, 0.5 mm pitch) package


Small motors, server fans, small cooling fans, vent fans, electric fans, ceiling fans, pumps and toys


[1]: Microcontrollers based on ARM® Cortex®-M3 that incorporate a vector engine and pre-driver. Toshiba survey, as of November 30, 2015.

[2]: Vector Control: Advanced technology for efficient control of motor rotation from low to high speeds.

[3]: Coprocessor: A processor completely separate from the CPU core and a computing unit.

[4]: Vector Engine Plus: A Toshiba-developed coprocessor for vector control functioning independently from the CPU in the microcontroller.

[5]: Pre-driver: Drivers for driving the driver. Required for driving power devices such as an FET or an IGBT for driving a motor.

[6]: Single power supply operation is allowed when a pre-driver operation voltage (VM) is 12V. When VM is 24V, the power supply for the microcontroller (5V) should be an external source.

[7]: Op-Amp: Operational Amplifier. A circuit in an amplifier with a non-inverting input terminal, inverting input terminal and one output terminal.

[8]: Shunt resistor: A resistor to be inserted into a circuit for current measurement.

[9]: Comparator: A device that receives two inputs of current of voltage with different levels and outputs a digital signal that indicates which is larger.


Part number TMPM37AFSQG
Sample price (tax included) 500 yen
Main specifications CPU ARM Cortex-M3
Maximum frequency 40 MHz
Internal memory Flash 64 Kbytes
SRAM 4 Kbytes
Operating voltage 4.5 to 5.5 V
Pre-driver operating voltage (VM) 6 to 32 V
VE+ 1 unit
PMD 1 ch
I2C/SIO 1 ch
16bit Timer 4 ch
12-bit AD converter 1unit (5 ch)
Op-Amp 1 ch
External interrupt pin 3 pins
PN-type pre-driver 1 unit
Over current detection circuit 1 ch
Package VQFN32 (5mm x 5mm, 0.5mm pitch)
Note PMD: Programmable motor driver
VE+: Vector Engine Plus
1Kbyte=1024 bytes

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