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FFSA™ / Structured Arrays

Fit Fast Structured Arrays (FFSA™) with Short Turnaround Time

Fit Fast Structured Arrays (FFSA™) can be configured by customizing only a few metal layers reducing turnaround time to as little as five weeks from RTL hand-off to sample delivery.

Toshiba has been granted an exclusive license to use the Baysand™ technology, which allows us to create FFSA™ with rich functionality, high performance, and low-power. FFSA™ are compatible with FPGAs; therefore, if you have verified RTL code from a previous FPGA design, you can migrate it to FFSA™ even with the same pin assignment. Additionally, FFSA™ require significantly less development time and lower non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges than conventional ASICs.

What is FFSA™ Solution?

What is FFSA™ Solution?

We have launched 65-nm FFSA™ and 40-nm FFSA™. We are also considering offering FFSA™ with on-chip high-speed transceivers at the same time.

(*) FFSA is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation. Baysand is a trademark of Baysand, Inc.

FFSA™ use case in Development Scenario

CASE1 : FPGA → FFSA™ Migration

  • Overall System compatibility
  • Block, Chip, Board, System Operation, Software

CASE2 : FFSA™ with FPGA prototyping

  • Rapid migration to FFSA™
  • Design scheme for concurrent engineering

CASE3 : FFSA™ without FPGA prototyping

  • Same as ASIC design scheme, work flow
  • Shorter TAT, lower NRE than ASIC


Series Process node Transceiver
SA5 65 nm None
SA5S 65 nm 6.5 Gbps
SA6S 40 nm 12.5 Gbps


FFSA™ Roadmap

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