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Application processor:TZ2000

- New product mounted ARM® Cortex®-A9 with enhanced sound and image data mining function and security function -

TZ2000 image

TZ2100XBG/TZ2101XBG/TZ2102XBG are high-performance application processors supporting enhanced sound and image data-mining, communications and security functions with ARM® Cortex®-A9 MP Core. The TZ2100XBG supports a maximum operation frequency up to 300MHz, for processing high-speed data, and the TZ2101XBG/TZ2102XBG, support a maximum operation frequency up to 600MHz. These processors are suitable for a wide range of applications such as small embedded devices, handheld devices, industrial equipment and amusement equipment.

They can also be used to construct robust systems using an encrypted circuit option.


TZ2000 series

Main features of new product

  • ARM® Cortex®-A9 operating at 600MHz
    - L1 cache : 32kByte, L2 cache : 128kByte, Embedded FPU and line up 300MHz 
  • Accommodates DDR3-800/DDR3L-800 16bit width
  • Long time data back-up and RTC operation by original power-saving technology
    - Possible to long time data back-up and RTC operation by external small coin battery
  • Camera input, graphics and LCD output 
    - Suitable specification for applications such as panel control devices
  • Secure boot system and encryption data function
    - Build up robust secure system which uses encryption circuit as an option.  
      And, incorporating program area in chip can be robust against data falsifying and hacking
  • Integrated 1MByte SRAM
    - 1MByte integrated SRAM processes operation code and data when program execution without external DRAM.
  • External expanded bus interface
    - Possible to use memory with external connection, which is necessary for amusement
  • Possible to choose suitable specification to each customer by set up of “Configuration pin” and support wide range of application from small display device to industrial equipments.

Application examples

  • Industrial equipments, Home appliances, Amusement devices, Education equipments

Main Specification of the product

Part number TZ2002XBG TZ2003XBG TZ2100XBG TZ2101XBG TZ2102XBG
CPU ARM® Cortex®-A9 MPCore
L1I  Cache:16kByte
L1D Cache:16kByte
ARM® Cortex®-A9 MPCore
L1I Cache:32kByte, L1D Cache:32kByte
L2 Cache:128kByte
Max operating frequency 200MHz 300MHz 600MHz
(Floating Point Unit)
Not integrated integrated
Secure boot system control, Encrypt data function Non-supported Supported Non-supported Supported Non-supported
32kByte SRAM(for Back-up)
DDR3/DDR3L×8bit DDR3/DDR3L×16bit
External extended bus interface Unintegrated Address: 27bit, Data:32bit
2D Graphic Engine Toshiba original graphics accelerator
LCD Controller WVGA(800×480 pixel)60fps , 24bit Parallel I/F
High speed interface controller USB2.0 host interface
USB2.0 device interface
10/100 Ethernet MAC
Peripheral function DMA controller, Timer/Counter, RTC
Peripherals UART×4, I2C×5, I2S×2, SPIB×4, PWM×5, 12bitADC×4, SDIO×2, eMMCx1, GPIO Camera I/F, UART×4, I2C×4, I2S×2, SPIM×7, SPIB×2,PWM×6, 12bitADC×4, SDIO×3, eMMCx1, GPIO
Power supply voltage Core=1.1V, I/O=3.3V Core=1.1V, I/O=3.3V
Package LFBGA 280pin
15mm×15mm, 0.8mm pitch
LFBGA 310pin
16mm×16mm,  0.8mm pitch
Status Mass production Mass production from 2016 Mass production

*ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere.

*Other company names and product names are may be used by each company’s trademark or registered   


Hardware specifications

Setting example of “Configuration pin”

Setting example Use Media I/F Use External Bus I/F Use Media I/F Use External Bus I/F
CPU Cortex-A9 300MHz +FPU
L1I$ 32kB/L1D$ 32kB, L2$ 128kB
Cortex-A9 600MHz +FPU
L1I$ 32kB/L1D$ 32kB, L2$ 128kB
Graphics 2D Graphics (BitBLT) - 2D Graphics (BitBLT) -
- Secure Engine(supported by TZ2101)
DRAM I/F DDR3/3L x16bit DDR3/3L x16bit
Back-up 32kB

Back-up 32kB

Camera I/F 8bit Parallel Camera I/F - 8bit Parallel Camera I/F -
External Bus I/F - A=27bit, D=32bit/16bit/8bit - A=27bit, D=32bit/16bit/8bit

WVGA 60fps
24bit Parallel I/F

- WVGA 60fps
24bit Parallel I/F
※Exclusive use
USB2.0 Host/Device 1ch(Option) USB2.0 Host/Device 1ch
Ether 10/100 Ethernet MAC - 10/100 Ethernet MAC -
RTC 1 1
UART/PPI 3ch 4ch 3ch 4ch
PWM 6ch 6ch
I2C 4ch 2ch 4ch 2ch
I2S 2ch 2ch
ADC 4ch 4ch
SDIO/eMMC/SD Card 3ch - 3ch -
GPIO(MAX) 128ch(Dedicated 4ch+ Share 124ch) 128ch(Dedicated 4ch+Share 124ch)
Package BGA 310pin(16mm×16mm,  0.8mm pitch) BGA 310pin(16mm×16mm,  0.8mm pitch)

Development Environment

TZ2100 reference board is a development starter kit including evaluation board for TZ2100 performance evaluation, eager evaluation for software and making prototype, set with BSP(Board Support Package).

Evaluation board are lined up with 2 kinds of boards which can use camera/LCD display and can use amusement equipment interface. As for BSP, 2 types of OS can be selected depend on the customer usage.

Reference Board

Part number Usage Contact for Lease/Purchase
RBTZ2100-1MA-A1 General Please contact our sales distributor  or Logic LSI Marketing & Engineering Dept.
RBTZ2100-2MA-A2 Amusement Please contact our sales distributor  or Logic LSI Marketing & Engineering Dept.
RBTZ2100-1MA-A2 General Sohwa & Sophia Technologies Inc. *1

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Reference Board Specifications

Part number Main Parts Mounted Interface
Power Supply IC,
DDR3L-800 256MByte,
SPI Flash 16MByte,
eMMC 4GByte, EEPROM 2Kbit,
Audio Codec,
Ether 10/100Base PHY,
USB PHY Switch

microSD card slot,
LAN connector, Debut UART
(microUSB connector)
USB Host / Device connector(Exclusive usage),
JTAG connector, Camera input connector(Parallel),
LCD panel connector,
Microphone jack, Headphone jack,
External Interface Connector

RBTZ2100-2MA-A2 TZ2102(600MHz),
DC-DC power supply,
DDR3-800 256Mbyte,
Audio Codec,
7 segment LED, EEPROM 2Kbit,
Parallel Flash ROM Socket(x16,CS0),
I2C connector, SPI connector,
UART connector、External bus connector(x16,CS0~3),
JTAG connector, Debug USB Host connector,
Debug UART(microUSB connector),
I2S output connector, Battery for backup

BSP( Board Support package )Specifications

Part number OS Distribution Device Driver
(Ubunts 14.04 Arm hf)
gcc Ethernet, UART, SPIB, I2C, Audio, GPIO, SPIM, USB(EHCI/OHCI), eMMC,  Memory Allocator, SD/SDIO
μ-ITRON µC3/Standard (eForce Co., Ltd.)*2 Ethernet, UART, SPIB, I2C, Audio, GPIO, SPIM, Memory Allocator, SD/SDIO
RBTZ2100-2MA-A2 - IAR Embedded Workbench EWARM (IAR Systems®)*3 UART, GPIO, I2C, SPIM,Audio

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System Block Diagram Example

TZ2100 System Block Diagram

Application Structuring Example

Amusement Equipment


*ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere.
* Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.
* e・MMC is a trademark of the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association.
* ToSpeak is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.

*Other company names and product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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