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Industrial innovation: from building automation to the Internet of Things

Industrial innovation: from building automation to the Internet of Things

Smart buildings, Industry 4.0 factory automation and IoT applications all demand power-efficient, scalable and secure communications. That’s where Toshiba’s comprehensive portfolio of low-energy Bluetooth technologies comes in. These integrated, reliable and high-quality semiconductors deliver reliable interoperability while keeping component count and board space to a minimum.

Toshiba Bluetooth for industrial applications

  • Flexible system architecture options - embedded Bluetooth profiles or host-free standalone solutions
  • Bluetooth-qualified embedded BLE stack and GATT profile for easy Bluetooth product qualification  
  • Ultra-low bill of materials: few external components needed
  • Support for over-the-air (OTA) system software updates
  • Class-leading low current consumption – including a variety of sleep modes and clock options – for optimum battery life
  • Support for multiple simultaneous master/slave connections
  • Ultra-compact QFN40 and QFN60 packages minimize board space
  • Future-proof designs with ongoing development roadmap including Bluetooth 5

Mesh Networking

Toshiba Bluetooth for Mesh Networking

Toshiba's Bluetooth solutions for building management and factory automation extend to support for low-power mesh networking applications encompassing 10s, 100s or even 1,000s of devices.  Combining a non-proprietary mesh solution with Toshiba's Bluetooth communication technologies support the Bluetooth SIG Mesh Standard and delivers systems capable of link budgets exceeding 100 decibels (dB) with external PA and LNA.

Download the Toshiba MESH flyer (pdf)

Recommended Products

Product name Bluetooth Brand Toshiba Smart generation Smart
Core Spec
Status Other features eSampling
TC35680 / TC35681 low energy Generation3 6.0mA@Tx, 1Mpbs
5.1mA@Rx, 1Mpbs
V5.0 ES Integrated Flash, up to 113dBm link budget -
TC35678 /67C   low energy Generation2 3.3mA@Tx
ES Integrated Flash TC35678
TC35679 / 67D low energy Generation2 3.3mA@Tx

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