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Bluetooth® LE + NFC Tag Starter Kit

BMSKTOPASM369BT1761(kc) Starter Kit for TC35670

Bluetooth® Low Energy +NFC Tag Starter Kit for TC35670

The BMSKTOPASM369BT1761(kc) starter kit enables quick and easy use of Toshiba’s Bluetooth LE LSI TC35670 (integrated in the mounted PAN1761 module) in combination with Toshiba’s CortexM3 MCU as a host MCU. The kit can be used with commercial software development tools (e.g. IAR tool chain) over a JTAG debugger to simplify system software creation. It is made to execute the Toshiba Bluetooth SDK driver software and run and debug user application code via the embedded J-Link debugger interface. The TMPM369FDFG Microcontroller offers embedded flash and SRAM for evaluation and debugging purposes as well as embedded Ethernet, CAN, USB host, USB device and RS-232 connectivity.

Starter Kit Features

  • The Starter kit is composed of a single board with an integrated PAN1761 module using TC35670 inside
  • The kit is intended as a development sub system and can be connected via USB-JTAG debugger interface to a PC
  • The host controller allows programming and debugging of application software in its internal Flash and RAM, and the execution of BLE & NFC driver software
  • Power can be supplied from a USB port or JTAG.  

Starter Kit Content

  • Toshiba BMSKTOPASM369BT1761(kc) board with PAN1761 BLE and NFC module including Bluetooth antenna and EEPROM
  • TMPM369 as Host MCU
  • NFC antenna
  • Segger J-Link JTAG/SWD emulator with USB interface
  • J-Link 19-pin Cortex-M adapter
  • USB cable
  • Rapid start-up guide

Further Information

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