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Corporate Executives

Toshiba America Electronic Components Management

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Executive Biographies


Hideya Yamaguchi

Hideya Yamaguchi
President and CEO

Mr. Yamaguchi, who assumed the office of president and CEO for Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. in June 2012, has been with Toshiba since 1982 with responsibility for sales and marketing throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Mr. Yamaguchi has held several key leadership positions within Toshiba including general manager of the Logic LSI Division, where he managed worldwide sales and marketing for the Logic LSI group and executive vice president of the System LSI Group in the U.S., where he was responsible for directing sales, marketing and SoC engineering for the Logic LSI and Analog and Imaging business units and overseeing the SoC Design Centers and Design Solution Group. Prior to these positions, he was senior manager and head of the Americas Group in Japan where he was responsible for supporting sales of semiconductors in the U.S. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Keio University in Japan and an MBA from Claremont Graduate School in the U.S.

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Shardul Kazi
Senior Vice President and Technology Executive, System LSI Group
Mr. Kazi is senior vice president and technology executive for the System LSI Group at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC). Mr. Kazi is responsible for System LSI Group's Business Units - Logic LSI, Mixed Signal and Imaging. His responsibility includes management of business units, engineering, finance, supply chain, strategic initiatives, human resources and other support functions for System LSI Group's operations as well as profit and loss performance. As a technology executive, he oversees the entire SLG engineering effort including Standard Products engineering, SoC Design Centers, and the Design Solution Groups. Formerly he was the vice president of the Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) Business Unit for TAEC and prior to that he was chief operating officer and vice president at ArTile Microsystems, Inc., a TAEC spin-off. Prior to TAEC, he has held several senior management level positions at companies such as Adaptec, SONY Microsystems, MIPS Computer Systems, and AMD.

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Scott Nelson
Senior Vice President, Memory Marketing

As the senior vice president of memory marketing, Scott Nelson is responsible for the sales and marketing of TAEC's North American memory product line, which includes MLC and SLC NAND Flash-based storage solutions. Under his direction, these products are targeted for use in three major market segments, including removable data storage in digital consumer applications, embedded NAND solutions, and mobile electronics for OEM customers. Mr. Nelson joined TAEC in 1986, and he has held numerous sales, marketing and product management positions since that time within the company's memory business unit, leading up to his current position. Nelson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business and operations management from California State University at Fullerton, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

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