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ApP Lite


Description ・The TZ1201XBG enables to creating beautiful, visually stunning graphics quickly and easily.
・The TZ1200 series works for about one week in pulse measurement applications or for about one month in watch applications with a 200 mAh battery.
・The high-precision AFE circuit, extremely weak signals (about 10 microvolts), such as EEG or EMG (brain or muscle scans), as well as impedance, that can be used to determine the stress level index by calculating skin resistance.
・By integrating the software and various services, the data measured by the AFE can be utilized to create new applications as well as target new markets.
Feature Connection to external sensors / Embedded 24-Bit ΣΔADC / Graphics Acceleration, LCD controller / Incorporated 2.2MB high speed memory / Low power system technology, Long-term data retention
Application Scope Activity monitor / Healthcare wristband / IoT Devices / smart watch / Wearable Device
RoHS Compatible Product(s) (#) Available
CPU Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU 96MHz
FPU Available
RAM 2.2MByte
graphic engine TOSHIBA original graphics accelerator
Secure boot system control, data encryption service AES-128 / AES-192 / AES-256
24bit delta-sigma ADC Available
LCD controller MIPI DBI Type B (16/9/8 bits), Type C (option1/option3) or DSI (x2 lanes) / RGB565, RGB666 or RGB888 / HVGA (480x320) at 30fps or QVGA (320x240) displays at up to 60fps.
Peripheral I/F GPIO x 120ch, I2C(Master/Slave) x 2ch, UART x4ch, DMAC x 16ch, / SPI x 4ch, 32-bit Timer/Counter x 2ch, Watchdog Timer, / 16-bit advanced timer and counter x 8ch, Real-time clock supports calender mode / 12bit-ADC x 16ch, 24bitΔΣADC x 4ch, USB 2.0 Device x 1port, DMA Controller x 16ch

Package Information

Toshiba Package Name P-UFBGA210-0808-0.40
Pins 210
Package size 8.0mm × 8.0mm × 0.6mm
Pin pitch 0.4mm

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