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Microcontrollers for Refrigerators

A refrigerator is a one of typical devices that operate on a steady basis. It is necessary that low-power operation achieved by operating the compressor in low speed with high efficiency. Also, as a device used in a living space, noise reduction and low-vibration are essential. Microcontrollers for refrigerators are divided in the following three blocks and common to use 5V power supply: microcontrollers for main control, microcontrollers for a panel and microcontrollers for motor control. Since microcontrollers for main control process signals from a temperature management sensor and a humidity management sensor, conversion efficiency of the high-speed AD converters have been improved to better support customers. As microcontrollers for controlling motors, Toshiba offer vector control microcontrollers contain a vector engine for vector control and sine-wave/square-wave control microcontrollers.

The Basic Concept of The Product

Microcontrollers with Inverter Motor Control Circuit (PMD)

The basic concept behind Toshiba's PMD microcontrollers is to make a maximum use of hardware for routine tasks and to use software only for non-routine processing.
With built-in hardware that links motor drive signals with computation of the feedback signals from the motor, the CPU can performs the cooperative processing when interrupts occur in the PWM period. Thus, the sine-wave/square-wave control microcontrollers can realize motor control with less load imposed on the CPU.

Vector Control Microcontrollers (M370 Group (Note))
  • Built-in vector engine (hardware to perform a fixed operation such as coordinate transformation and SIN/COS calculation. Two motors can be controlled by one MCU.)
  • Three-phase PWM output coupled to a vector engine and a 12-bit A/D converter
  • Encoder input (ABZ)
  • Built-in analog circuit (Op-amp, comparator for emergency stop, voltage detection circuit, power-on reset and frequency detection circuit)
  • Arm® Cortex®-M3 Core, 80MHz.
  • +5V single power supply operation
  • Over voltage protection circuit (OVV pin)
  • Emergency protection (EMG pin)
Sine-wave/Square-wave Control Microcontrollers (TMP89FM82)
  • PMD2 sensored sine-wave drive, sensorless/sensored 120 electrical degree square drive
  • Position detection (sampling during PWM on period, suspending sampling immediately after PWM is turned on)
  • Motor control timer and timer capture
  • Three-phase PWM output
  • Automatic generation of sine wave duty (PMDRAM, automatic duty calculation)
  • Overload protection (CL pin)
  • Emergency protection (EMG pin)
  • Automatic commutation, automatic position detection start (mode timer, capture)

Note: Arm® Cortex®-M3 Microcontrollers : TX03 Series

* Arm and Cortex are registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere.

System Block Diagram

System Block of Microcontrollers for Refrigerators Go to Microcontroller Lineup for Main Control Go to Microcontroller Lineup for Panel Control Go to Microcontroller Lineup for Motor Control


Features of Microcontrollers for Refrigerators Main Control Panel Control Motor Control

Main Control

  • Built-in multipurpose timer
  • 5V single power operation to suit high needs.

Panel Control

  • LCD driver

Recommended products >> TMP89FW20A / TMP89FW24A

  • LED driver

Recommended products >> TMP89FM42 / TMP89FS60

Motor Control

  • Vector engine (VE)
  • Sine-wave/Square-wave control

Recommended products >> TMP89FM82


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