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Wearable Devices

Making Everyday Items Smart

Wearable Devices: Making Everyday Items Smart

Smart wearable technology is rapidly becoming part of everyday life.  Watches, glasses, activity monitors and many other wearable items have been enriched with technology.
Constant contact with the body makes wearable devices especially suitable for sports and medical applications.  Devices to measure the body's performance can help wearers get the most from their workout and monitoring the body's vital signs can help medical professionals with diagnosis and treatment. Augmenting reality with smart glasses can give the wearer a wealth of additional information such as local information, guided tours of special locations, navigation instructions, the possibilities are endless.
Semiconductor innovations place Toshiba products at the heart of wearable device technology.  Toshiba's excellence in diverse disciplines such as low-power MCUs, RF integration, sensor integration, wireless connectivity, wireless charging and high density memory will enable you to deliver highly optimised must-wear innovations.

Products For Wearable Devices

Audio/Video Playback

Audio/Video Playback Block Diagram

Activity & Health Tracking

From optimising your workout to looking after your heart, through contact with the body activity and health devices can monitor the parameters of the wearer. Toshiba’s ApPLite™ TZ1000 has a high performance MCU to process input from multiple sensors, an accelerometer to measure motion, 8Mbit of NOR flash memory to store information as well as RF circuitry and a Bluetooth® low energy controller that supports low power wireless communication. All in a single chip to reduce component count and simplify design.

Activity & Health Tracking Block DiagramAppLite™

Video Recording/Lifelogging

Video Recording/Lifelogging Block Diagram

Environmental Resistance

Sealing a device to keep out water, dirt or dust becomes a design challenge when it has to be connected for data transfer or power charging. Toshiba's chipset for wireless charging enables you to create a sealable device while removing the need for replaceable batteries or a hole in the casing for a power supply connection. Toshiba's power transmitter and receiver chipset enable fast wireless charging and support 5 Watt power transfer. Features include a rigorous Foreign Object Detection (FOD) function and an integrated digital logic controller that reduces component count and minimizes design complexity.
Other devices like laptops, tablets or headphones can communicate with the device wirelessly thanks to Toshiba's Bluetooth low energy controller.

Environmental Resistance Block Diagram

Further Information

For further information on Toshiba's wearable device solutions please contact us.

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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.