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Data center and server solutions.We provide a large variety of products designed for data centers and servers that support our information society.

As advances are made in the areas of IT, data centers and
servers are becoming more vital for both business infrastructure and social infrastructure.
We offer server and data center solutions to support customers' needs to engage in business in a quicker
and more energy-efficient manner.


We provide high-capacity, highly reliable storage devices
to store massive amounts of data generated by the
evolution of IoT and the spread of cloud services.

Supported applicationsData centers/servers/storage systems/archive systems/backup systems
Enterprise Capacity HDD

Here are 3.5-inch HDDs for business critical applications
requiring storage of huge volumes of data with high reliability.

Enterprise Performance HDD

Here are 2.5-inch HDDs for mission critical applications
for supporting high-speed data transmission with high reliability.


We build management systems that ensure
stable and efficient operation of
data centers and server equipment,
which are all becoming increasingly advanced
in functionality.

Supported applicationsAccelerators/security
Custom LSIs (ASICs)

In addition to ASICs, we support
a broad range of needs for SoC development including FFSA.

Supported applicationsServer fan control
Server fan motor control drivers

These drivers achieve energy-saving, low-noise and low-vibration operation.
Our original motor drive technology enables highly efficient driving.
The use of new-generation analog processes leads to smaller packaging,
thus helping the final equipment become more energy efficient and more compact.

Power supplies

The single-epi technology has enhanced the performance
of our line of low-loss products,
which plays a part in making power supplies more efficient.
These products protect the information of our customers.

Supported applicationsPower supplies for servers
High-efficiency MOSFET /
SiC SBD (Schottky barrier diode)

A suite of industry-leading low-loss products is available.
Low loss, high efficiency and small packaging
help ensure freedom of design.

※ As of December 2017, based on a survey by Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corp.