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Problem-Solving Examples

Problem-Solving Examples

Case 1: Selection of a MOSFET to meet power supply specifications: DC-DC converter
Keywords: Low-voltage MOSFET, Qoss reduction, low on-resistance, double-sided-cooling package, reducing the size of a DC-DC converter


A new power supply unit with reduced size failed the final test.
Its design was so complicated, finding a solution seemed a hopeless task. And time ticked away...

Solution for Company B, a power supply unit manufacturer (Employee population: 2,000)

Toshiba offers a high-efficiency, low-voltage MOSFET series for DC-DC converter applications with improved Qoss characteristics. Fabricated with the latest Gen-9 process, this MOSFET series helps improve the power supply efficiency.

Case 2: Selection of a MOSFET to increase the withstand voltage margin: Power supply product
Keywords: 45-V MOSFET, latest MOSFET, development of a low-RDS(ON) and low-Qoss power supply product


Voltage surge transients exceeded the available margin.
There seemed no alternative but to place an order for a MOSFET with custom specifications...

Solution for Company F, an industrial equipment manufacturer (Employee population: 1,500)

U-MOSIX-H series available with five VDSS points: 30 V, 40 V, 45 V, 60 V and 100 V

Case 3: Selection of a MOSFET to improve the efficiency of a server power supply
Keywords: High-voltage MOSFET, super-junction MOSFET, standard switching speed, high switching speed, high-speed diode


The design team launched a project for a new power supply unit with improved efficiency, but ran into a wall...
How did the team solve the problem?

Solution for Company A, a power supply unit manufacturer (Employee population: 3,500)

Drawing on many years of experience, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation offers an extensive lineup of 500- to 800-V super-junction MOSFETs with standard and high-speed switching, and high-speed diode options.

Case 4: EMI noise solutions based on the results of simulation
Keywords: EMI noise problem, documents on the resolution of EMI problems, causes of gate oscillation, maintaining high efficiency, development of a new product


The oscillation of the gate-drive circuit adversely affected EMI noise.
The causes of the EMI noise were identified by systematically analyzing the countermeasures we had learned through experience.

Solution for Company E, a manufacturer of high-capacity power supplies (Employee population: 500)

Formerly, we had relied on rules of thumb to solve EMI noise problems. Instead, we analyzed the circuit waveforms and simulation results to solve the EMI noise problem. We organized the results as application notes for widespread use.

Case 5: Using a photocoupler to solve a problem of an industrial robot caused by overcurrent
Keywords: Photocoupler for IGBT/MOSFET drive, optical isolation, alleviating an overcurrent problem, design support by specialized engineers


Frequent failures of an industrial robot caused by overcurrent brought a production line to a halt.
Without due support from its manufacturer, our customer was at a dead end...

Solution for Company C, an industrial equipment manufacturer (Employee population: 2,000)

A photocoupler is an optical isolator that transfers an electrical signal between two isolated circuits by using light. It converts an electrical signal into light with a light-emitting device and detects the light with a photosensitive device. The TLP5214 is a photocoupler suitable for IGBT/MOSFET gate drive.

Case 6: Using a solid-state relay to reduce the size and prolong the service life of power supply units for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Keywords: Reducing the size of a control relay unit, semiconductor, long service life, board size reduction, countermeasure for the effects of magnetic fields


Our customer was having difficulty in reducing the size of a control relay unit.
Its design team also had to reserve board space for devices necessary to protect against radiation noise and magnetic fields. Was there any solution?

Solution for Company D, an industrial equipment manufacturer (Employee population: 600)

A photocoupler consists of an LED on the input side and a photovoltaic cell on the output side. Replacing a mechanical relay with a solid-state relay helped prolong the service life, reduce the size and achieve silent operation of the relay unit.


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