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ApP Lite™ (Application Processor Lite)


With a push to connect everything to the internet, Toshiba ApP Lite processors not only enable raw data to be fed to the cloud, but also carry out high-performance and efficient signal processing. They extract necessary data through sensors and image recognition, contributing to a reduced data load.

ApP Lite™ series Line up
ApP Lite™ series Application
Wearable devices, such as activity monitors, bracelet-type watches and glasses-type devices and IoT devices.
TZ1200 Wearable devices with display, such as activity monitors and smart watches and Iot devices with display.
TZ2000 Industrial  equipment, home appliances, amusement devices, educational equipment.
  • * ApP Lite is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.

ApP Lite™ TZ1000 / TZ1200 Applications (Video)

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ApP Lite™ TZ1200 Applications (Video)

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