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Note on the Recommended Power-On Sequence

Product name
TOSHIBA Microcontrollers TX19 Family TX19 Series
  • TMP1942CYU
  • TMP1942CZU
  • TMP1942FDU
  • TMP1942CZXB
  • TMP1942FDXB

Dear Customer

With regard to the TX19 Family microcontrollers listed above, please be advised that at power-on the pull-up resistors and others attached to the I/O ports of the 5V supply domain become unstable until the core power supply (3.0V) has stabilized. We will add a note on the recommended power-on sequence, as described below, in the technical datasheet.

Note on using

At power-on, the pull-up resistors and input& output buffers attached to the I/O ports of the 5V supply domain may become unstable or a through current may pass through the port until the core power supply (3.0V) has stabilized. 

Note To Be Added To Technical Datash

Recommended power-on sequence:
In powering up this device, it is recommended that the core power supply (3.0V) be turned on first.


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