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Restriction on Use of the Interrupt Controller

Product name
TOSHIBA Microcontrollers TLCS-870/C Series

Note: Discontinued products may not be included in the affected products list. Please contact your local Toshiba office or authorized Toshiba dealer for details.

Dear Customer

This is to inform you of a restriction that has been found with regard to the interrupt controller contained in some of the TLCS-870/C Series microcontrollers. Please click the 870/C tab above for a list of products affected by this issue. Clicking a product name in this list will open a detailed explanation for each product. If you need further information, please contact your local Toshiba sales office.

The interrupt latch IL15 may be cleared without the interrupt that set the latch being processed.
If an IL15 interrupt request is generated while an interrupt with priority lower than IL15 is being accepted, the interrupt latch IL15 is cleared immediately after it has been set.
Applicable products
This issue applies to some of the TLCS-870/C Series microcontrollers with 16 or more levels of interrupt priority. As the workaround varies with each product, please check the detailed explanation for each product.


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