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Announcement of Restrictions on Use of 16-bit Timer

Dear Customer

With regards to our 8-bit microcontroller TLCS-870/C series and TLCS-870/X series, Toshiba have found restrictions on use of 16-bit timers. We would therefore like to inform customers about them. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact your local Toshiba sales office.

Operation of a 16-bit timer TC1

Automatic capture function
  1. Please use the auto-capture function in the operative condition of TC1.
    A captured value may not be fixed if it's read after the execution of the timer stop or auto-capture disable. Please read the capture value in a capture enabled condition.
  2. Since the up-counter value is captured into TC1DRB by the source clock of up-counter after setting TC1CR to "1". Therefore, wait at least one cycle of the internal source clock before reading TC1DRB for the first time.
Pulse width measuring mode
The first captured value after the timer starts may be read incorrectively, therefore, ignore the first captured value.
Product name
TOSHIBA Microcontrollers TLCS-870/C Series
  • TMP86C407/I/S
  • TMP86C807/I/S
  • TMP86F807
  • TMP86P807
  • TMP86C408/I/S
  • TMP86C808/I/S
  • TMP86F808
  • TMP86P808
  • TMP86CP24
  • TMP86FP24
  • TMP86CM41
  • TMP86CS41
  • TMP86FS41
  • TMP86CS43
  • TMP86PS43
  • TMP86CS44
  • TMP86PS44
  • TMP86C846
  • TMP86CH46/A
  • TMP86CM46
  • TMP86FH46/A
  • TMP86PH46
  • TMP86PM46
  • TMP86C847/I/S
  • TMP86CH47/A/I/S
  • TMP86CM47/A
  • TMP86FH47/A
  • TMP86PH47
  • TMP86PM47/A
  • TMP86FM48
  • TMP86CH49
  • TMP86CM49
  • TMP86CS49
  • TMP86FS49/A
  • TMP86PM49
  • TMP86CS64/A
  • TMP86FS64
  • TMP86PS64
  • TMP86CK74A
  • TMP86CM74A
  • TMP86PM74A
  • TMP86CH87/R
  • TMP86CM87/R
  • TMP86PM87/R

TOSHIBA Microcontrollers TLCS-870/X Series
  • TMP88CH40/I
  • TMP88PH40
  • TMP88CH41
  • TMP88PH41
  • TMP88CS42
  • TMP88PS42
  • TMP88CS43
  • TMP88PS43
  • TMP88CU74
  • TMP88PU74
  • TMP88CP77
  • TMP88CS77
  • TMP88CU77
  • TMP88PU77
  • TMP88CP34
  • TMP88CS34
  • TMP88PS34
  • TMP88CM38A
  • TMP88CM38B
  • TMP88CP38A
  • TMP88CP38B
  • TMP88CS38
  • TMP88CS38B
  • TMP88PS38B

Note: Discontinued products may not be included in the affected products list. Please contact your local Toshiba office or authorized Toshiba dealer for details.


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