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TX09 Series

The TX09 microcontroller series embeds an Arm926EJ-S™ Core ideal for multimedia control, with 16KB each of instruction cache and data cache suitable for applications that require high-capacity, high-speed operation. The maximum operation frequency is 200MHz. The internal bus structure comprises a maximum of seven layers, enabling high-performance as well as low-power operation.

TX09 Series

* Arm926EJ-S is a trademark of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere.

TX09 Series Product Group

TX09 Series Product Group

TX09 Series Product Lineup

TX09 Series Product Lineup

* Maximum operating frequency at 0 to 70 °C. It is 150 MHz at -20 to 85 °C.

Group Features Application example

Built-in USB2.0 Host controller
(Full Speed)
USB2.0 Device controller
(High Speed)

USB Host controller(Full speed)
Oscillation frequency
detectors for detecting a
frequency difference in
the system clock.
Home appliances with LCD,
MFP, medical devices,
multi-functional remote controllers,
security devices, etc.

Built-in USB2.0 Device controller
(High Speed)

A wealth of I/O ports
Large-capacity memory(RAM)
Medium- and small-sized LCD controllers
(electronic dictionaries,
photo frames,
handheld terminals),
industrial indicators,
a wide variety of controllers, etc.


Product list

You can search for a TX09 Series Product by categories of functions, characteristics, or packages. [Datasheets can be downloaded here.]

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