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Semiconductor solutions suitable for each solution and the technological topics of new products.
Provide useful information for circuit design consideration.

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Contributes to Higher Efficiency of switched-mode power supply
Aggressive reduction of MOSFET switching loss
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Solution
Improving power supply performance and protection function contributes to energy saving and stable operation
How quick is the protection speed of the electronic fuse?
High-speed protection reduces circuit stress
The fuse electronization changes the design?
High precision current setting of shut down improves design flexibility
How to drive battery-powered devices for a long time?
LDO regulators that reduced bias current drastically
110°C Operation Guaranteed, High-capacity Compact Photorelay
Contributes to Downsizing, and Long-life of the Load Control Unit
How to manage the power supply of mobile devices with high accuracy
LDO regulator resistant to sudden changes in load and external noise
Insulated gate driver expands the freedom of inverter drive circuit design
Simplified timing design with built-in protective functions and 2-channel output
Realizes high-sensitivity and high-precision sensing performance
Low-noise op-amp suitable for amplifying weak sensor outputs
Digital I/O design for industrial PLC
Digital-I/O solution with TLP2363, a photocoupler of 15Mbps high-speed communication
Contributes to reducing loss of switching power supplies
80V N-Channel MOSFET with improved trade-off between on-resistance and charge characteristics
Contributes to high efficiency and low loss of high output power supply
Significantly reduced recovery loss compared to FRD: fast recovery diodes
Blood glucose meter solution
Realize high precision measurement and low power consumption in a small size
Surveillance Camera Solutions
Increasing demand of Functions and High resolution video
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Solution
Contributes to energy saving and stable operation by improving power supply performance and protective functions
Thermostat Solutions
Contributes to Product miniaturization, Long-life operation and Improvement of Quality and Reliability
Air Cleaner Solutions
Cleans Dirty Air by Linking "Filtration" with High-performance Filters and IoT
IoT sensor solutions
Ultra-low power consumption with high precision sensing in small size
Electric Toothbrush Solution
How to Obtain Oral Care that cannot be achieved by Human Hands?
Wireless Earphone Solution
For Long Time Operation with a Small Battery on a Wireless Earphone
Semiconductor Solutions for Air Conditioners
How to Increase Air Conditioning Performance without Increasing Power Consumption?
Smart Speaker Solution
Towards home network hub adding displays and cameras
Semiconductor Solutions for Servers
Contribute to Energy Saving and Stable Operation by Improving Power Supply Performance and Protective Functions
SSD Solution
Towards achievement compact size, high reliability and long life
Smartwatch Solution
To Realize More Features, Longer Operating Time and Smaller Size
Cordless Power Tool Solution
To Realize Compact, Light, Easy-to-Carry and Easy-to-Work with Long Time Operation


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