Semiconductor Solutions for Air Conditioners

How to Increase Air Conditioning Performance without Increasing Power Consumption?
Semiconductor Solutions for Air Conditioners

With the economic development of emerging countries and the growing demand for data centers, the demand for air conditioners is growing. For Household air conditioners, regional characteristics, such as climatic, cultural, and incomes levels, and energy-saving, low-cost, and reduced CO2 emissions, as well as connectivity as smart home appliances are keys to product design. For industrial air conditioners, especially for data centers, it is important to achieve proper temperature control in a heat-generating environment that increases as the amount of data handled increases and the performance of equipment increases, as well as appropriate humidity control for preventing dew condensation on computer components and preventing static electricity with low power consumption. To solve these problems, power supply efficiencies and sensing circuit designs are important. Toshiba's lineup of MOSFETs, intelligent power ICs, operational amplifiers, and other products that incorporate latest technologies are contributing to enhancing air conditioning performance without increasing power dissipation.


  • Improvement of power utilization efficiency by reducing on-resistance and minimization of heat generation (MOSFET)
  • Realization of both board miniaturization and heat dissipation performance by introduction of surface mount packages with excellent heat dissipation (intelligent power IC)
  • Improvement of operation reliability by insulation of feedback signal circuit by optical coupling (photocoupler)
  • Compliance with safety standards (UL, cUL, etc.) (photocouplers)
  • Useful application notes, reference designs, and other documents on the web save design cycle time

AC-DC Power Supply

BLDC Motor Drive

Sensor Input

Other block diagrams

AC-DC converter circuit (Outdoor unit)
Example of Flyback AC-DC converter circuit for outdoor unit
Application / Air Conditioner
PFC circuit (Active type)
Example of active type PFC circuit
Application / Air Conditioner
PFC circuit (Partical switching type)
Example of partical switching type PFC circuit
Application / Air Conditioner
Cleaning section
Example of stepping motor drive circuit using MCD (controller)
Application / Air Conditioner
Louver section
Example of brushed/stepping motor drive circuit using transistor array
Application / Air Conditioner
Valve control section
Example of valve control circuit using MCU
Application / Air Conditioner
Microcontroller section (Power control block for outdoor unit)
Example of a power supply circuit using LDO for MCU power supply
Application / Air Conditioner
Isolation circuit (Compressor block between outdoor/indoor units)
Example of a protection circuit using a photocoupler that protects against noise applied from a harness between board communication
Application / Air Conditioner
Sensor input section (Outdoor unit)
Example of a circuit using an operational amplifier for amplifying sensor signals
Application / Air Conditioner

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