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Cooling Fan

Automobiles have electric cooling fans of various sizes for the engine, battery pack and LED headlights. With the increasing uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), the market demand for quieter fan motors is growing. Toshiba's sine-wave motor controller ICs help realize quiet motor operation.


System Block Diagram


Block Type Package Part Number Polarity/Generation Feature
Motor drive IPD SSOP-24 TPD7210F IPD process 3 Phase Full Bridge Nch MOSFET Gate drive.
PS-8 TPD7211F IPD process Half bridge MOSFET Gate drive.
Pre- driver LQFP64 TB9080FG BiCD process 3 Phase DC Brushless Motor controller, Topr: -40 to 125℃
SSOP24 TB9110FNG Pre-driver of Nch-MOSFET external type, Topr: -40 to105℃
Motor drive MOSFET DPAK+ TK100S04N1L Nch / VIII 40 V/100 A/2.3 mΩ max
TK1R4S04PB Nch / IX 40 V/120 A/1.35 mΩ max
TK55S10N1 Nch / VIII 100 V/55 A/6.5 mΩ max
TO-220SM (W) TK1R4F04PB Nch / IX 40 V/160 A/1.35 mΩ max
Reverse battery protection TK200F04N1L Nch / VIII 40 V/200 A/0.9 mΩ max
TKR74F04PB Nch / IX 40 V/250 A/0.74 mΩ max
TK160F10N1 Nch / VIII 100 V/160 A/2.4 mΩ max
TK160F10N1L Nch / VIII 100 V/160 A/2.4 mΩ max
Power Supply Voltage Regulators SSOP20 TB9005FNG BiCD process Single output (external transistors required), LDO (5 V), Watchdog timer, Topr: -40 to 125℃
SSOP16 TB9021FNG Single output (with integrated output transistors), LDO (5 V, 200 mA), Window-Watchdog timer, Topr: –40 to 125℃
BipTr New PW-Mold TTA005 NPN -50 V/–5 A/hFE 200 min



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