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Advanced MOSFET technology improves fuel economy in automotive applications

Advanced MOSFET technology improves fuel economy in automotive applications

Gone are the days when the electrical systems in a car were a few gauges, a wiring loom and a couple of fuses. Nowadays, electronics and the associated firmware are so fundamentally embedded in our vehicles. Many of the functions we now take for granted simply would not exist without the technology.

Today's vehicles contain more small electric motors and lights than ever before. Less reliable older technologies such as relays are being replaced with modern, reliable solid-state MOSFET-based switches - progress is rapid.

In common with all other electrical / electronic power systems, efficiency in automotive applications is of prime importance. No matter whether your car is powered by fossil fuels or batteries - or a hybrid of both, each time you start a journey you have a finite amount of energy available, either in the tank or the battery bank, and every manufacturer is striving to allow you to drive the greatest distance with the least amount of energy used.

Toshiba's semiconductor technology (especially the new U-MOS 9 process) is leading the way in supporting this efficiency drive through advances including lower RDS(ON), better dynamic performance as well as improved packaging and cooling.

To learn more about how Toshiba's semiconductor technologies are advancing automotive electronics, as well as the reference boards currently available, please click here:

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