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Accelerate Smart Home implementation with a Bluetooth® Smart Plug reference model

Accelerate Smart Home implementation with a Bluetooth® Smart Plug reference model

As governments push to reduce CO2 output as part of the implementation of their environmental policies, there is increasing interest in Smart Home technology that enables householders to understand their energy use. Building such technology into new homes is relatively straight forward. However, the majority of us live in housing that was designed and built long before such environmental concerns were raised. Thus, any platform to assist society with such goals must be easy to retro-fit into the household. Wireless is a natural choice for enabling such functionality.

With a wide range of ISM technologies available, choosing a radio standard that provides the desired functionality, while also being capable of ultra-low power, is challenging. Many radio technologies are not native to the smartphone, requiring the addition of a gateway in the home to link sensors to the Internet. The exception here is Bluetooth, a well-established, actively maintained standard that has the backing and support of big industry players.

To demonstrate the potential of Bluetooth as the radio-technology of choice for Smart Home applications, Toshiba has developed a Smart Plug reference model. The compact plug design demonstrates how appliance power consumption can be monitored and controlled in a product that can be retro-fitted to existing household appliances. The reference model can also be used as the basis of an integrated Smart Home node in newly designed home appliances.

The Smart Plug reference model is easily paired with smartphones which have established themselves as the de facto control interface for many types of application. Smartphone apps are simple to create and are backed up with cloud storage, enabling data to be shared, configurations to be backed up, and remote analysis and control to be implemented. With the introduction of mesh capability, Bluetooth now has the capability to build a network of sensors in the home. Even with only a handful of nodes initially, good coverage can be quickly achieved. As a result, the home can quickly develop the backbone required to provide connectivity across all rooms and a variety of Bluetooth-enabled Smart Home products.

If you are interested in adding Smart Home technology to your next design, why not read our white paper on the Toshiba Smart Plug reference model:

Click here to learn more about adding Smart Home technology to your next product with the Toshiba Smart Plug reference design

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