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Cordless Power Tools: Delivering High Output Power, Extended Operation and Smaller Form Factors

Ease-of-use, portability and enhanced safety are driving the growth of cordless power tools by both professional and ‘do-it-yourself’ communities. Manufacturers of these tools are under pressure to continually lower the weight and size of these tools. They are also looking to extend operational life from a single battery charge and ensure reliable operation in a variety of use cases over many years.

Advanced lithium-ion batteries can play a role in meeting these requirements, but are only one part of the story. Correct selection and application of power semiconductors is also a vital in designing a successful cordless power tool.

In our new whitepaper you can learn more about:

  • Available motor options
  • Key building blocks of cordless power tools
  • Challenges facing designers and how to address them
  • Advanced MOSFET technologies that meet the power tool challenge

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