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Evaluation board for Clock-in control/2 phase bipolar type stepping motor driver

Product part number Maximum ratings Unique
TB67S249FTG 50 4.5 QFN48
TB67S279FTG 50 2.0 QFN48
TB67S289FTG 50 3.0 QFN48

*Note: Toshiba’s proprietary technology

  • AGC: Active Gain Control
    Stepping motor drive technology that automatically optimizes motor drive current in real time according to the load torque
  • ACDS: Advanced Current Detection System
    Technology which will not require external sense resistor and monitors the motor current within the device for constant current control
  • ADMD: Advanced Dynamic Mixed Decay
    Mixed-decay technology that monitors the decay current within the IC, and optimizes the decay ratio between Fast Decay and Slow Decay modes, which enables a more broad range of motor rotation speed/frequency

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