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LED Drivers

Non-isolated AC/DC step-down converter TB62D901FNG


  • Suitable for various kinds of applications
    (1)Can be used for various applications with constant-current control
    Supports Frequency self-adjustment systems, critical-conduction-mode (CRM) systems, and constant off-time systems
    (2)Stable LED current
    Frequency self-adjustment systems eliminates the need to change the constants of external parts according to the number of LEDs and the input voltage.
  • Reduces the external part count
    Constant off-time systems
  • Supports various dimming control methods
    PWM dimming, linear dimming
  • Protection features
    Thermal shutdown, overcurrent detection, overvoltage detection, undervoltage lockout, ISEN terminal open detection
  • The IC standby function reduces current consumption when LEDs are off.
    Setting the EN signal Low disables IC operation. Standby current consumption: 0.8 mA (max)


System Circuit Diagram


Frequency self-adjustment system A frequency self-adjustment system delivers stable LED current, regardless of the number of driven LEDs.

Offline isolated flyback LED controller TC62D902FG


  • Isolated flyback LED controller
  • Triac dimmable
  • Built-in PFC function
    1 converter PFC
  • Photocoupler-less
    Requires fewer external components and provides improved current accuracy
  • Valley switch
    Improves efficiency and reduces EMI noise
  • Protection features
    Undervoltage lockout overcurrent detection, VIN overvoltage detection, sense resistor short detection at startup, sense wiring open detection, overtemperature detection, output LED open/short detection
  • Small package

System Circuit Diagram


PFC control for Critical-Conduction Mode (CRM) TB6819AFG

Designed for small- to medium-screen LCD, general and lighting power supply board applications
  • Recommended for a power supply of less than 200 W


  • Maximum rated supply voltage
    25 V
  • Operating voltage range
    10 V (min) to 25 V (max)
  • Operating current
    4 mA (typ.)
  • Industry-standard pin assignment
  • Output voltage control under light-load conditions
  • Various protection circuits
  • DC Input overvoltage protection Limited to 25 V
  • PFC Output overvoltage protection (OVP-2)
  • Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
  • Feedback-loop open detection (FOD)
  • Thermal shutdown (TSD)
  • Brownout protection (BOP)
    The TB6819AFG can be put in standby mode by lowering the voltage at the MULT pin to save system standby power.
  • Package
    SOP8 (1.27-mm lead pitch)

System Circuit Diagram

When the AC input voltage is lower than a threshold, the TB6819AFG enters standby mode, reducing standby power consumption.


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