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President & CEO Hiroyuki Sato

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation
President & CEO Hiroyuki Sato


In recent years, environmental social issues such as climate change, marine pollution, and the declining population of wildlife species have become more serious, and with COVID-19, which has continued unabated this year, people's lives and economic activities are also required to undergo all kinds of changes and restrictions, which is impacting on the global environment in a number of different ways. Meanwhile, this year shall be the year in which the Paris Agreement will begin being implemented, with action toward decarbonization and various initiatives toward the achievement of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ adopted in September 2015 expected to gather speed. Our companies need to pursue these initiatives through our business activities. Under these circumstances, the Toshiba Group, which is currently working toward achieving its long-term goal of ‘Environmental Vision 2050’ that sets out a vision for 2050, is promoting ‘The 6th Environmental Action Plan’, which spans from FY2017 to FY2020. The Toshiba Group aims to acquire SBT *1 certification by the end of FY2020 and plans to increase its energy-saving measures and product creation from FY2021 onward. Thus, the Group has a large role to play and a huge responsibility. We will continue to engage in environmental activities by earmarking them as one of our most important management issues.

We Will Contribute to Solving Social Issues and Improve Our Corporate Value through Our Businesses.

The Group will carry out environmental management activities based on both the responsibility for the impact its business activities have on society and the environment (CSR *2 environmental management) and its contribution to solving social issues (CSV *3 environmental management). First and foremost, as CSR environmental management, we will promote reducing our environmental impact during the product manufacturing stage. The Group, which is engaged in manufacturing across the globe, will reduce its burden on the environment during each manufacturing stage by actively investing in the introduction of highly efficient manufacturing equipment, as well as promoting various energy-saving measures, especially to mitigate climate change. In addition, we will contribute to forming an environmentally sustainable society through minimizing the use of new resources and by way of 3R efforts, and will work to reduce environmental risks by managing the amount of chemical substances used as well as cutting down on the volumes we handle and the amount of emissions we produce. Meanwhile, as CSV environmental management, we will continue to provide products and services that contribute to the development of people's lives and industries, such as with the approaching shift to IoT and greater energy saving of industrial equipment, progress of the electrification of automobiles, popularizing of eco-friendly vehicles, and the explosive increase in the amount of information. In addition, we will comply with laws and regulations related to products, work closely with our suppliers through green procurement, and at the same time, work to become a “driving force to change the world” with our technology and thoughts as a pioneer in responding to social issues.

We Will Strive to Build Trust with Our Stakeholders

As a business providing products and developing manufacturing around the globe, the Group is strongly aware of the social responsibilities it must take on, and it will work to build trust among its stakeholders by complying with laws and regulations, developing human resources, and contributing to the local community and society. At each base, we hold environmental report meetings where we invite local citizens, neighboring companies, universities, government officials, etc., and hold semiconductor environmental classes outside for elementary school students to understand the social contribution of the products we create to help increase the Toshiba fanbase and to have them deepen their understanding of our environmental activities. We are also actively promoting biodiversity conservation activities such as forest conservation and development activities that utilize regional characteristics, as well as activities to protect rare animals and plants. We are also working to maintain and improve the environmental awareness and competence of our employees by providing various educational opportunities, including environmental education for all Group employees, separate education for specific employees involved in work with significant environmental aspects, and auditor training and education to enhance our self-management system.

We will continue to proactively publish information about our environmental management activities engaged through our businesses to our stakeholders. To be a “driving force to change the world,” going forward, we would greatly appreciate your continued understanding and support with regard to the group’s business and environmental management activities.

*1 : Science based targets
*2 : Corporate social responsibility
*3 : Creating shared value