PCIM 2023

Passion for Power Solutions
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For decades we at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (TEE) have live up to the challenge to develop effective power solutions. We invite you to experience the latest industry power design trends at our booth 9 – 503 at PCIM 2023.

Our Speakers at PCIM

Tuesday, May 9th | 14:20 - 14:40 | Room München 2 | Session "System reliability"

Development of Ag-Free Active Metal Brazing Filler for Manufacturing Copper-Si3N4 Substrates

Speaker: Yoichiro Mori, Toshiba Materials, Japan


Tuesday, May 9th | 15:05 | Room Brüssel 1 | Poster  Session "Gate drivers"

Finalist of  PCIM´s Best Paper Award: Current Adjustable Gate Drive IC with Propagation Delay Reduction Technique for High-Speed Power Transistors

Speaker: Hideaki Majima; Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage, Japan


Tuesday, May 9th | 12:30 - 12:50 | Hall 9 - 551, Exhibitor Stage

Multi-level Sic Power Design for PFC and DC/DC Conversion

Speakers: Dr. Matthias Ortmann; Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH 


Thursday, May 11th | 10:30 | Room Brüssel 1 | Session "SiC Device Design"

A novel 2200 V Schottky Barrier Diode-Embedded SiC MOSFET Module

Speaker: Takahiro Ogata, Researching and Developing,  Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage, Japan (Co-Authors: Hiroshi Kono, Saho Fujii, Tanaka Tsuguhiro, Hiroyuki Irifune, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Strage, Japan; Georges Tchouangue, Toshiba Electronics Europe, Germany

Thursday, May 11th | 13:45 - 14:05 | Hall 7 - 480,  Industrial Stage

Mixed-signal gate drive IC and control schemes for modern power semiconductor devices

Speakers: Kohei Onizuka; Bristol Research and Innovation Lab, Toshiba Europe, UK

Jenny Feng; Bristol Research and Innovation Lab, Toshiba Europe, UK




Power Semiconductor Video

Passion for Power Solutions


High efficiency power conversion & control

Picture showing semiconducor board and MOSFET circuit

Interested in more power topics? Our Passion for Power Solutions Page ties it neatly up for you, providing indepth information about our latest product & solution portfolio.

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 Integrated solutions for Motor Control

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High Voltage Lab



A high voltage laboratory has been installed at TEE in Düsseldorf which allows us to address  application-related questions from customers more rapidly in the EMEA region.



Power Focus Interview


Learn more about TEE’s focus on power in Armin Derpmanns’ (General Manager Solution Marketing) interview* with the German Magazine Markt & Technik.

*Please note that the interview is in German.


Podcast "Analog ICs - The Sky is the limit for miniaturization"


In the EBV-podcast Passion for technology TEE's General Manager for Solution Marketing Armin Derpmanns discusses one of the lastest market trends - the need for miniaturisation of analog devices.

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