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Electronica 2022

Passion for Power Solutions

Electronica 2022 ended: We strongly appreciated your interest in our Passion for Power Solutions and the opportunity to learn more about your company and your plans for the future. On this page you can catch up on our topics displayed at Electronica 2022, where we showed compact, reliable & feature rich designs with greater efficiency for Industrial and Automotive applications.

Passion for Power Solutions


High efficiency power conversion & control

Picture showing semiconducor board and MOSFET circuit

Interested in more power topics? Our Passion for Power Solutions Page ties it neatly up for you, providing indepth information about our latest product & solution portfolio.

The Journey of Motor Control


 Integrated solutions for Motor Control

Motors drive the world - from industrial pumps and fans to printers and coffee machines. Get familiar with our Brushed, Brushless and Stepper Motors and learn how to make your motor smarter.   

Conference speech

Understanding the importance of TSN and multi-gigabit Ethernet up to 10GBit/s in industrial and automotive applications

As part of Embedded Platform Conference Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH discussed at Electronica 2022 the advantages of TSN enhancements for Ethernet and how they can be demonstrated in real applications. A reference platform is utilized to build a small TSN network - containing endpoints and switches - which allows testing of different settings and configurations related to TSN features.

Do you need more information about this topic? Please send us an email under or contact your local sales office. 

About the speaker


Dipl. Ing. Goran Filimonovic became Chief Engineer at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH in October 2019 and has over 20 years’ experience (10 of which with Toshiba) in semiconductor engineering with a focus on automotive ethernet bridges, CMOS image sensors and digital design and verification. In the past he worked freelance for Infineon Technologies and MTU Aero Engines looking at Validation & Verification engineering and as development engineer for digital IC design at TES Electronics Solutions GmbH. Prior to this he studied microelectronics at the Gerhard-Mercator University Duisburg, completing as Diplom Ing. in 2001 with a first job as scientific assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems.

Find out more about TSN Ethernet


At the engineer's bench

A first idea about Time Sensitive Network and how it could be used for industrial applications, you get from looking at one of our "At the engineer´s bench"- videos.

Do you want to learn more about our topic? Download our whitepaper
"Will time-sensitive networking for Ethernet revolutionise industrial networks?"

MCU Motor Studio

Press image for MCU Motor Studio

MCU Motor Studio features a PC Tool and motor control firmware dedicated to the TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class microcontrollers from Toshiba. The motor control firmware is scalable, fully configurable and supports the special motor functions of the Family Advanced Class TXZ+™ M4K Group. MCU Motor Studio together with the Clicker 4 MCU board and the Clicker 4 Inverter Shield from MikroElektronika (MIKROE) allows quick and easy MCU evaluation, BLDC motor application development and prototyping.
If you want to discuss at Electronica 2022 how our firmware can ease the development of your next product, please send us an email.  

Power Focus Interview


Since 2020 Toshiba have focused on power in the semiconductor area, including solutions that control power devices such as motor control and others that are able to establish the desired functionality. Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (TEE) offer customers a complete solution either as device or integrated solution combining elements from power semiconductors, analog/digital mixed and power technology.  Microcontrollers, motor control ASSPs, optocouplers, as well as digital isolation techniques and gate drivers round up the company’s portfolio. Finally, at the end of 2021 a high voltage laboratory has been installed at TEE in Düsseldorf. Learn more about TEE’s focus on power in Armin Derpmanns’ (General Manager Solution Marketing) interview with the German Magazine Markt&Technik. *

*Please note that the interview is in German.

Podcast "Analog ICs - The Sky is the limit for miniaturization"


In the EBV-podcast Passion for technology TEE's General Manager for Solution Marketing Armin Derpmanns discusses one of the lastest market trends - the need for miniaturisation of analog devices.

Discover more