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At CloudFest 2023, March 21st to March 23rd Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (TEE) will provide a technology outlook on future hard disk drive technology developments and their potential for large and fast online backend storages. Visit us at our booth C04. at Europapark Rust in Germany.

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SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, March 21st, 23 |  3 PM to 3:30 PM

The recent release of the Toshiba MG10 20TB Hard Drive has been a milestone within the HDD technology evolution, so we are taking this opportunity to

  • look back at 40 years of HDD history

  • dare to extrapolate up to 40 years of HDD future inventions

Ultimately, our HDDs have proven resilience, breaking technological boundaries over decades and they will continue to be a major contributor to resilient cloud technologies for many years to come.

About the speaker

Picture shows Rainer W. Kaese | Senior Manager Business Development, Storage Products Division
Senior Manager Business Development, Storage Products Division

Rainer W. Kaese has been with Toshiba for almost 30 years. He initially specialized in application specific integrated circuits, managing the Design Centre for ASIC, and later the Business Development Team, as well as Foundry Products.
He is currently responsible for the introduction and qualification of Toshiba’s Enterprise HDD products into Datacentres, Cloud Computing and Enterprise applications.

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About 40 years ago, the first PCs were equipped with hard disk drives (HDDs) – large drives that had a storage capacity of just 20 Megabytes. However, the technology shrank rapidly in terms of physical size, while storage capacities grew. The very smallest models have since disappeared from the market, but the demand for ever-increasing capacity continues unabated. Current HDDs can hold up to 20 Terabytes – a million times as much memory as those early PCs.

MG Series

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The enterprise environment demand more and with the MG Series you get it. Each member of the series has a workload rating of 550 TB/year, which is around ten times higher than an average desktop hard disk drive. This performance is available at any time of the day or night, as 24/7 operation also comes as standard.

AL Series

Pictures showing HDD in front of storage rack & Data Centre background

When you have mission-critical applications you need storage solutions that meet your needs. Toshiba’s Enterprise Performance Hard Drive – AL Series delivers high storage densities with rapid data transfer speed, backed up by a 5-year warranty. You can trust the AL Series to deliver 24/7 in the most demanding high-performance server and storage systems.


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