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Data Storage

How HDDs Tackle Exabytes
Exhibition picture

The quantity of data being stored is exploding and even more informational bits and bytes will be created by machines in the future. Discover why HDD will remain a core component of storage strategies for years to come and catch up with the content we showcased recently at CloudFest digital.

Talking Storage


Get a glimpse of what the industry will need in terms of

  • configuration,
  • operation and
  • scaling

to tackle the challenge of exabytes of random, unstructured machine-generated data with Toshiba´s wide variety of business-critical Enterprise Capacity and Performance HDDs.



Listen to Toshiba Electronics Europe´s Keynote "How we will store exabytes of machine-generated data" presented at CloudFest 2021 and learn why HDDs are the answer to the data explosion of  the coming decade.*  

* Please note, that you have to register for CloudFest platform, in order to view the video.

Screenshot of CloudFest platform/ ©Cloudfest 2021
Screenshot:©CloudFest 2021

About the speaker

Rainer W. Kaese
Rainer W. Kaese | Senior Manager Business Development, Storage Products Division

Rainer Kaese is talking storage

Rainer W. Kaese has been with Toshiba for over 25 years. He initially specialized in application specific ICs, managing the ASIC Design Center, and later the Business Development Team for ASIC- and Foundry Products. He is currently responsible for the introduction of Toshiba’s Enterprise HDD products into Datacenters, Cloud Computing and Enterprise applications.

If you would like to ask a questions, please drop on email to

MG Series

Picture showing MG HDD in front of data centre & cloud background

The enterprise environment demand more and with the MG Series you get it. Each member of the series has a workload rating of 550 TB/year, which is around ten times higher than an average desktop hard disk drive. This performance is available at any time of the day or night, as 24/7 operation also comes as standard.

AL Series

Pictures showing HDD in front of storage rack & Data Centre background

When you have mission-critical applications you need storage solutions that meet your needs. Toshiba’s Enterprise Performance Hard Drive – AL Series delivers high storage densities with rapid data transfer speed, backed up by a 5-year warranty. You can trust the AL Series to deliver 24/7 in the most demanding high-performance server and storage systems.  

Learning with Toshiba

You have unbounded data to store?  See how Toshiba Enterprise and Capacity HDDs can be your reliable, safe and robust partner in datacenter and cloud architectures.



Stay up to date by signing up to our storage newsletter and find out more about Toshiba´s  state-of-the-art Hard Disk Drives Solutions for Enterprise Performance & Capacity and Consumer applications.  

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