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How to build a smart sport watch

Interest in the smart watch and sport watch segments are growing rapidly and interest in the fitness and “wellbeing” applications are driving a lot of that growth.

As demand for smart watches and sport watches increases, so too does the availability of technologies to make their design faster and easier. This is particularly true in the semiconductor arena where there is a growing number of processor technologies targeted at wearable ‘internet of things’ solutions.

The key to delivering functionality alongside the best possible user experience lies in combining these increasingly integrated processors with additional devices and software that are optimised for the target application.

How to build a smart sport watch

Design engineers are faced with a myriad of technologies and suppliers to choose between, and designing these devices, which need to be compact and energy efficient can prove a real headache.

In order to ease the pain of ensuring software and components work together efficiently, Toshiba has developed a sport watch reference model that combines accelerometer, MEMS gyroscope, MEMS magnetometer, pulse rate monitoring, wireless charging and Bluetooth radio technologies in a compact package.

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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.