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The Journey Ahead for Automotive Power

The automotive industry is quick to respond to changing realities, standards and requirements. In recent years this has taken the form of reacting to meet increasing customer and regulator demand to create vehicles that deliver greater fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions, and provide and enhanced driver experience.

The electrification of modern vehicles has been an ongoing trend for more than two decades, and has helped to make the cars we drive today more comfortable, economical, affordable, easier to service and more reliable. Electric motors, in particular, are spreading quickly. These are powering accessories such as sunroofs and adjustable seats, positioning of the mirrors and headlamps, managing the flaps and blowers of climate control systems, and taking on duties under the hood such as pumping coolant and oil to help eliminate unnecessary engine loads and so boost fuel economy. Power MOSFETs have a central role in motor control. They are also used in LED-lighting controllers, DC/DC converters and load switches throughout the vehicle.

The Journey Ahead for Automotive Power

To achieve greater efficiency, stability and reliability new component technologies need to encompass both silicon and packaging. Designers of automotive systems can ensure the best performance by working with the latest generation of the technology. Today’s UMOS 8 trench-gate generation is the current pinnacle of power MOSFET silicon technology, and delivers low on resistance (RDS(ON)) in relation to die area as well as low capacitance and gate charge for excellent switching performance. These latest technologies have delivered devices with current ratings as high as 200 Amps. Used in conjunction with advanced, highly integrated gate-driver ICs, these devices can provide a reliable and space-efficient replacement for conventional electro-mechanical relays used to control high-power loads.

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