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Next Generation MOSFET Design - Driving Automotive Innovation Forward

Next Generation MOSFET Design - Driving Automotive Innovation Forward

Automobile sales are at high level considering worldwide demand for cars. Nevertheless, whether serving the low end, mid-range or luxury market, vehicle manufacturers are facing huge challenges. They need to bring new models to market that are capable of differentiating themselves from those of the competition. To do so they must respond to exacting, yet often disparate, demands for increased functionality, greater fuel economy, reduced carbon emissions and improved driver experience - addressing governments bodies' increasingly stringent legislative measures and car buyers ever heightening expectations.

The increasing prevalence of electric motors in modern vehicles has numerous ramifications. In relation to comfort applications, motors are being employed for seat adjustment, mirror positioning, air conditioning flap/blower movement, window lifters, etc. In addition, vehicles’ body/powertrain elements can benefit from such motors. Here they are playing an integral role in the ongoing migration of vehicles from mechanically based to electrically based systems. Arrangements, like electric power steering (EPS) are enabling marked reductions in the weight of vehicles, with the upshot that greater operational efficiency can be achieved - thereby lowering fuel consumption.

The progression now being made in power IC technology (especially with regard to power MOSFETs) will help the automotive industry to deal with the demands now being placed upon it. Through advancements in terms of both the silicon utilised and the packaging which encloses it, augmentation of electrical key performance parameters will be possible, as well as improvements in thermal management. The result will be more energy efficient and reliable power systems.

To learn more about Toshiba's latest developments in power MOSFET technology for automotive applications, download the company’s new white paper on the subject.

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