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Implementing Reliable, Efficient and Compact Control Solutions for Automotive Motors

There is an increasing proliferation of both DC and BLDC motors within modern automobile systems. These items can be incorporated in order to cover a broad scope of different tasks, including - electronic throttle control, exhaust gas recirculation, fuel/oil/water pumps, climate control, seat positioning, door locking mechanisms, electric power steering and many other besides.

The demands being placed on the driver electronics accompanying these motors are becoming more and more exacting, and this is presenting electronics engineers with difficult challenges. The following Toshiba white paper discusses these challenges in detail and shows how advances in driver technology are allowing them to be tackled. It covers each of these key areas:

  • DC and BLDC motors and their respective merits in different application scenarios
  • The expectation for automotive motor implementations to deliver the maximum possible operational efficiency levels - so that power is not wasted and fuel economy is not impacted upon
  • The competitive nature of the automotive sector and the subsequent need to ensure that the bill of materials costs associated with the driver hardware are minimal
  • Concerns about time to market
  • The importance of keeping the PCB utilisation in check so that space constraints can be adequately addressed
  • The ability for the driver hardware to operate in harsh automotive environments without reliability being compromised
  • The functional safety aspect and its increasing significance in automobile design
  • How the advent of next generation driver technology is resulting in marked reductions in system complexity, keeping the component count low and minimising bill of materials costs, as well as curbing the board real estate allocation

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