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Phase/Serial inputs 2-phase stepping motor driver IC

Product part number Maximum ratings Stepping mode Unique technology Package
Full Half 1/4 ADMD*
TB67S101AFTG 50 4.0 QFN48
TB67S101AFNG 50 4.0 HTSSOP48
TB67S101ANG 50 4.0 SDIP24
TB67S105FTG 50 3.0     QFN48
TB67S521FTAG 40 2.8   QFN36
TB67S213FTAG 40 2.5   QFN36
TB67S261FTG 50 2.0 QFN48
TB67S265FTG 50 2.0     QFN48
TB62218AFNG 40 2.0   HTSSOP48
TB62218AFG 40 2.0   HSOP28
TB67S511FTAG 40 2.0   QFN36
TB62261FTG 40 1.8   QFN48
TB62261FTAG 40 1.5   QFN36

*Note: Toshiba’s proprietary technology

  • ADMD: Advanced Dynamic Mixed Decay
    Mixed-decay technology that monitors the decay current within the IC, and optimizes the decay ratio between Fast Decay and Slow Decay modes, which enables a more broad range of motor rotation speed/frequency

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