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300W Isolated DC-DC Converter

Block diagram

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Efficiency curves

Efficiency curves Click to enlarge
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  • Input voltage : DC 36 to 75V
  • Output voltage : DC 12V
  • Output power : 300W
  • Circuit topology : Phase Shift Full Bridge + Synchronous Rectification


  • Total efficiency : 94.5%(Vin=48V, 100% load)
  • Outline size : 82mm x 82mm  x 24mm
  • Provides appropriate power MOSFETs and photocouplers totally.
Picture image

Picture image

Reference design files

Design, Document

circuit diagram

“Design・Document” contains the documents listed below.

Circuit diagram


PWB layers

Reference guide

Design guide

Design, File

PCB image

“Design・File” contains the contents listed below.

・Circuit Schematic (CR5000SD / OrCAD® / Altium Designer / EDIF)

・PCB files *1 (CR5000BD rev.13 / rev.16 / rev.19 / CR800DF / Allegro PCB / LPB G-Format)

・PCB fabrication data *2 (Gerber Format® / ODB++)

*1: Actual PCB was designed on CR5000BD.The other files were made from CR5000BD file.
*2: The data was generated on CR5000BD. 

Toshiba items

Toshiba items
Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
TPN1200APL MOSFET Primary side・4 U-MOSIX-H/100V/10mΩ(max)@VGS=10V/TSON Advance
TPH3R70APL MOSFET Secondary side synchronous rectification・4 U-MOSIX-H/100V/3.7mΩ(max)@VGS=10V/SOP Advance
TLP291(SE GR Photocoupler Output voltage feedback・1 DC input/Trasistor output/BVS=5000Vrms/11-3C1
TLP2370 Photocoupler Communication between primary side and secondary side・2 DC input/IC output/BVS=3750Vrms/SO6/For high-speed communication
CRS10I30B Schottky Barrier Diode Secondary side・1 30V/1A/VFM=0.42V(max)@IFM=1A/S-FLAT
CTS05F40 Schottky Barrier Diode Secondary side・7 40V/0.5A/VF=0.81V(max)@IF=500mA/SOD-882


Application Note


Name Date



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