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High-Performance SoC Design

Challenges of Large-Scale and High-Performance SoCs

For the development of a large-scale SoC, it is important to reduce not only the die area but also power consumption and implementation turnaround time. High-performance SoCs require clock tree and other implementation techniques, as well as a full complement of power integrity (PI), signal integrity (SI) and thermal solutions.

High Performance & Large Scale SoC Solutions

Power, Performance and Area (PPA) Optimization

Optimized cell libraries

Toshiba provides you with cell libraries specifically optimized for your design to help reduce die area and power consumption.

Optimized Library (Compact & Low Power)

Reducing overhead by optimizing design sign-off conditions

Toshiba helps reduce area overhead and turnaround time (TAT) for timing closure by optimizing the sign-off conditions of a design according to its specification.

Minimize SO Corner to Reduce Overhead (Die Area, Power and TAT)

Implementation without design iteration using a floorplan evaluation system

Our floorplan evaluation system provides an objective indication of your floorplan quality to eliminate the need for trial-and-error adjustment and thus prevent delays in a development project.

Solutions for High-Performance SoCs

PLL and high-performance clock tree technologies necessary for high-speed operation

Drawing on extensive experience with implementation, Toshiba achieves a high-speed design using low-jitter PLLs, clock trees with a good balance of power and skew, and other techniques.

Feedback to the product specification and design from early power integrity (PI), signal integrity (SI) and thermal analyses

PI, SI and thermal issues become significant challenges in realizing high-performance SoCs. By using advanced modeling, simulation and analysis technologies, the results of PI, SI and thermal analyses are fed back to a design at an early stage in order to achieve working hardware.


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