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Restriction for Using DMA Transfer

Product Types
TOSHIBA Microcontrollers TX19 Family   T19, TX19A Series
  • TMP1940CYAF/FG
  • TMP1940FDBF/FG
  • TMP1941AF/FG
  • TMP1942CYU
  • TMP1942CZUE
  • TMP1942FDU
  • TMP1942CZXBG
  • TMP1942FDXBG
  • TMP1962C10BXBG
  • TMP1962F10AXBG
  • TMP19A64C1DXBG
  • TMP19A64F20BXBG
  • TMP19A71FYFG
  • TMP19A71FYUG
  • TMP19A71CYFG
  • TMP19A71CYUG

  With regard to the TOSHIBA microcontrollers listed above, please be advised that malfunctions may occur on DMA transfer.

Restriction / Problem
   TOSHIBA microcontrollers listed above may cause malfunctions on DMA transfer using a memory - to - I/O transfer device if they meet all the conditions shown below.

1. The memory - to - I/O transfer is used as a transfer device.
2. The data destination is one of the following.
    a)  Internal RAM
    b)  External memory ( 0 WAIT, ALE assert: 1 clock )
    c)  HSIO ( excluding SIO and SBI )
3. Two or more transfers are set.
      (BCRn ) > (CCRn ) < TrSiz >
4. Bus width has the same size as the data to be transferred.
      Data to be transferred (CCRn ) < DPS > = Device port size (CCRn ) < TrSiz >


  Please change the DMA transfer initial setting as shown below.

1. Fix the destination device to memory.
2. Set the source device depending on the transfer mode.
    a)  At single transfer: I/O device
    b)  At continuous transfer: Memory


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