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Datasheet Corrections: Voltage Detecting Circuit and Power-On Reset Circuit

Product Types
TOSHIBA Microcontrollers TLCS-870 Family TLCS-870/C Series
  • TMP86FH92DMG
  • TMP86FH93NG

With regard to the Toshiba 8-bit microcontrollers listed above, the following corrections should be made to the technical datasheets regarding the voltage detecting circuit and power-on reset circuit.
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Difference with the emulation chip

In the technical datasheets of the above products, the following table should be added to indicate the differences between each derivative product and the emulation chip TMP86C993XB as to the availability of the voltage detecting circuit and power-on reset circuit.

(*1)  The TMP86C993XB does not allow an interrupt or a reset to be generated by voltage detection. Instead, it provides the emulation feature for voltage detection operation.

(*2)  The TMP86C993XB does not support power-on reset operation, nor is it possible to emulate the power-on reset circuit. Therefore, in debugging your programs using the TMP86C993XB, make sure that the operating voltage is always within the specified operating voltage range of the target derivative product.


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