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Example of Power Management Block Diagram

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Example of Power Management Block Diagram

The power management of air cleaners must cover a wide range of supply voltages from high voltages where the motor must be rotated to low voltages which are required for each of the electronic circuits, sensors, etc. used to realize various functions. Particular attention must also be paid to noise coming from the power supply line, etc., in order to maximize performances of MCUs, wireless SoCs and sensors manufactured by fine processes. Although combined power supply (PMIC) is effective for such power management, it is common for power supply circuits to be powered down from AC-DC converters as the cost of products decreases, and it can be solved by using regulators to achieve the desired voltage for each power supply and highly functional discrete power management ICs such as LDO regulators in cases requiring high-performance power supply. Toshiba's LDO regulators realize high-performance power supply with a lineup with high ripple rejection ratio to reduce output voltage noise and high-speed load transient response. In addition, a variety of power supplies in the system can be realized by combining discrete products, such as switching diodes used in AC-DC converters and bipolar transistors for powering motors.

Toshiba has provided the Switched Mode Power Supply Library to support power supply designs such as DC-DC power supply. In addition, the Reference Design Center publishes examples of the design of various power supply circuits, providing design ideas for high efficiency in various power supply circuits. Both of them can be used free of charge, so please use them as a help in designing the power supply.

Switched Mode Power Supply Library
Easily select the optimal circuit and MOSFETs. Downloads circuit data that can be used in OrCAD®, LTspice® environments.

Reference Design Center
Releasing various reference designs that can be used for end equipment.

Toshiba offers a wide choice of LDO regulators in packages ranging from general-purpose to ultra-compact that are suitable for high-performance requirements, such as low noise, high Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR), high output current stability (load transient response), and low current consumption, which are particularly required for advanced analog circuits.

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Low quiescent current 0.34μA (Typ.) (@IOUT=0mA), VOUT=3.0V (Typ.), IOUT=300mA (Max)

Toshiba’s diodes have a broad lineup centering on small surface mount packages suitable for high-density mounting. M-FLATTM packaged products contribute to lower height and space-saving of equipment compared to conventional lead-type packaged products. There is a lineup of reverse voltages of 200 to 1000V / average forward current of 0.5 to 3A, enabling selection of suitable devices.

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IF(AV)=1.0A (Max)

VRRM=600V (Max)

Various lineups are available, from small signal transistors with a wide range of compact surface mount types to power transistors with lead-type packages, including low saturation type, large current type, and high speed type.

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(Width×Length×Height mm)


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SOT-883 (CST3)

PNP, VCEO=50V (Max),

 IC=0.1A (Max),

 hFE=120~400 (@IC=0.002A, VCE=6V)

Other Circuit Description

Motor Drive

Dust Monitor

Other block diagrams

Power supply circuit
Example of flyback type AC-DC converter circuit
Application / Air cleaner
Main motor drive unit (When AC motor is used)
Example of circuit using AC motor
Application / Air cleaner
Operation unit (Example of Key/LED)
Application / Air cleaner
Operation unit (Example of touch panel)
Application / Air cleaner

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