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Blood glucose meter solution

Realize high precision measurement and low power consumption in a small size
Blood glucose meter solution

The function of blood glucose meters has been advancing year by year, making easier and more accurate to measure. We have also begun to include additional functions, such as recording blood glucose levels measured on a daily basis and interworking with personal computers and smartphones. Toshiba has a lineup of low-noise CMOS operational amplifiers to amplify sensor signals to measure blood glucose levels with high accuracy, LDO regulators to enable the efficient operation of complex electronic circuits inside blood glucose meters, and TVS diodes (ESD-protection diodes) to protect blood glucose meters from external static electricity. These semiconductors are installed in a compact, lightweight package, contributing to the reduction of board space in order to increase the precision and functionality of blood glucose meters.


  • High-precision amplifying of micro-sensor signals by an low-noise CMOS operational amplifier
  • Contributes to low-power operation by reducing the operating current of the LDO regulator for energy savings
  • Supports reduced board space by compact and lightweight package
  • Useful application notes, reference designs, and other documents on the web save design cycle time

Sensor input

Power supply

Other block diagrams

ESD protection
Examples of protection circuits for signal lines such as switch buttons and displays

Application / Blood Glucose Meter

Control MCU power supply
Examples of power supply circuits for MCU and memory

Application / Blood Glucose Meter

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