DC Power Supply

Example power supply circuit in a battery powered system

Circuit Description

Example power supply circuit in a battery powered system

In the power supply management of electric toothbrushes using secondary batteries, the important points are the transient response that minimizes voltage fluctuations even in sudden current fluctuations that occur during motor operation and how the noise generated during motor rotation reduces the impact on the power supply line. The power supplied to the MCUs, Bluetooth SoCs and ICs handling analogue signals may become unstable during system operation, or noises may cause system malfunction. The use of LDOs to avoid these conditions is particularly important for MCUs and Bluetooth SoCs that are responsible for low-voltage and high-current motor control.

Toshiba offers a wide choice of LDO regulators in packages ranging from general-purpose to ultra-compact that are suitable for high-performance requirements, such as low dropout and low current consumption, which are particularly required for state-of-the-art analog circuits.

Product name

(Width×Length×Height mm)

Product Overview

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Low Drop-Out 95mV (Typ.) (@IOUT=500mA), VOUT=1.0V (Typ.), IOUT=500mA (Max)



Low Drop-Out 105mV (Typ.) (@IOUT=500mA), VOUT=1.2V (Typ.), IOUT=500mA (Max)



Low quiescent current 0.34μA (Typ.) (@IOUT=0mA), VOUT=1.2V (Typ.), IOUT=300mA (Max)



Low quiescent current 0.34μA (Typ.) (@IOUT=0mA), VOUT=1.5V (Typ.), IOUT=300mA (Max)

Other Circuit Description

Motor Drive

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