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Camera Storage Interface

Example of a stable power supply circuit for SD card

Circuit Description

Example of Camera Storage Interface Circuit Block Diagram

Storing video images are one of important functions of surveillance cameras. There are various ways to store them, but the simplest way is to store them with an SD card. As SD cards continue to increase in storage capacity and speed up, power consumption increases while SD cards are in operation, and transient voltage become an issue. In addition, SoC, which controls SD cards on the main unit, is becoming lower voltage with fine pitch process. The SD card receptacle is exposed to the outside, and the risk of environmental change is unavoidable. Among these, damage caused by static electricity poses a high risk.

Toshiba's LDO regulators deliver high performance with improved load transient response with minimal current consumption, enabling SD card power optimization. We also provide TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes) to protect the internal circuits from unexpected external ESDs that destroy them. This TVS diode is designed to minimize insertion loss to minimize attenuation of electrical signals and is available for signal lines up to 10Gbps speed.

Examples of typical recommended products are listed below, and also provide a link to the online distributor inventory search page to buy the product.

Toshiba offers a wide line-up of LDO regulators that are suitable for high-performance requirements, such as low drop-out voltage and low current consumption.

Product name

Data sheet Package
(Width×Length×Height mm)

Product Overview



SOT-25 (SMV)

Low Dropout 230mV (Typ.), @IOUT=150mA), VOUT=1.8 V (Typ.), IOUT=200 mA (Max)



SOT-25 (SMV)

Low Dropout 150mV (Typ.), (@IOUT=150mA), VOUT=3.3 V (Typ.), IOUT=200 mA (Max)

This diode protects the device from surge voltages such as static electricity that penetrates from external terminals and prevents malfunction of the IC. We have realized high electrostatic immunity and circuit protection performance with our proprietary process technology. We offer a broad lineup of products ranging from general purpose to high speed signal application.

Product name

Data sheet Package
(Width×Length×Height mm)

Product Overview




4ch, VRMW=+/-3.6V, VESD=+/-20kV, IPP=2A, Ct=0.2F




4ch, VRMW=+/-5.5V, VESD=+/-20kV, IPP=2A, Ct=0.2F

Other Circuit Description

Recording unit storage power

Camera Power

Other block diagrams

Detail of camera motion section
Application / Surveillance Camera
Details of power supply circuit / Power supply
Example of a power supply circuit considering reverse connection prevention of a battery for real time clock (RTC)
Application / Surveillance Camera

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