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The surveillance camera must operate 24 hours, 365 days. For this purpose, the power never turn off, but the storage capacity of HDDs and SSDs used in the recording unit is limited. When the storage capacity approaches its limit, it is forced to be replaced, but it does not even power down, i.e. it is hot-swapped. Toshiba's eFuse IC help protect power lines from hot-swapping, routine power surges, etc. eFuse IC is equipped with various protective functions such as short-circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, and inrush current suppression in a single package. It is useful for protecting equipment from surges such as overvoltage and overcurrent. eFuse IC is IEC62368-1 certified.

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Various protection features, such as high-speed short circuit protection, overcurrent clamp (OCC), overvoltage clamp (OVC), thermal shut down (TSD) and inrush current suppression are built in one package.

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Automatic return type, VIN=18V(Max), RON=28mΩ(Typ.), VOVC=6.04V(Typ.)




Latch type, VIN=18V(Max), RON=28mΩ(Typ.), VOVC=6.04V(Typ.)

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Detail of camera motion section
Application / Surveillance Camera
Details of power supply circuit / Power supply
Example of a power supply circuit considering reverse connection prevention of a battery for real time clock (RTC)
Application / Surveillance Camera

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