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RF IC for Electronic Toll Collection System

Electronic toll collection system (ETC) allows non-stop payment on expressways. Our RF ICs can be used for wireless ETC in Japan, China, and South Korea.
Since both onboard equipment and road side equipment can be used, you can use not only for a expressway but for the tollgate for parking systems, etc.

This is a block diagram of an RF IC system using the TC32163FG and TC32166FNG.
Block Diagram of an RF IC System Using the TC32163FG and TC32166FNG


Part Number

RF operating frequency


Operating voltage range

Operating temperature range

Current consumption


Evaluation Board

RF Transceiver IC for ETC / ETC2.0:

5.8 GHz ISM band

IF frequencies: 40 MHz (1st),7.232 MHz (2nd)

2.7 to 3.6 V
(3.3 V typical)
-40 to 85 °C  Transmitter: 75 mA typical (ASK)
Receiver: 62 mA typical (ASK)

LQFP48 (0.5-mm lead pitch)


Power Amplifier (PA)
for 5.8 GHz band:

5.8 GHz ISM  band

  • Battery-Saving (BS) mode: < 10 µA (max)
  • Rise time: < 2 µs (90% output)

3.0 to 3.6 V
(3.3 V typical)

-40 to 85 °C

75 mA typical
(+14 dBm CW output)

SOP 10-pin (0.65-mm lead pitch)


RF IC for Chinese ETC Systems:

5.8 GHz ISM  band

  • High power:
    +5 dBm typical (measured with matching network) @ 5790 MHz, 512 kbps
  • High sensitivity:
    -64.5 dBm typical @ 5830 MHz, 256 kbps

1.8 to 3.6 V

-40 to 85 °C

-40 to 100 °C

Sleep mode: 4.4 μA typical
Receive mode: 31 mA typical

VQFN32 (5 × 5mm, 0.5-mm lead pitch)

TC32168FTG TC32169FTG




Technical topics

  • Small package suitable for use in ETC transponders. Low-current and low-voltage operation suitable for battery operation.
  • Incorporates a modem and a FIFO buffer compliant with the Chinese ETC standard, eliminating the need for real-time processing using a microcontroller.
This is a block Diagram of an RF IC system using the TC32168FTG (Modem Mode).
Block Diagram of an RF IC System Using the TC32168FTG (Modem Mode)
This is a Block Diagram of an RF IC System Using the TC32168FTG (Direct Mode)
Block Diagram of an RF IC System Using the TC32168FTG (Direct Mode)


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