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Plastic Case Module IEGTs (PMIs)

Characteristics of PMIs

Easy-to-assemble plastic module casing

Many IEGT chips are soldered on a ceramic insulating board and wire-bonded to the module terminals. The plastic module is easy to use because it dissipates heat from one side and is internally insulated.

Base plate made from a composite Al-SiC material

To ensure thermal reliability, the package has a composite aluminum silicon-carbide (Al-SiC) plate with a low thermal expansion coefficient on its underside.

PMI Structure

PMI Installation Example

A compact inverter circuit can be created by using 2-in-1 PMIs that contain two IEGTs.

The example shown at right uses three 2-in-1 PMIs. The stray inductance can be reduced by using a laminated electrode plate.

PMI Installation Example

Inverter Circuit

Application Examples

Rail traction

PMIs are suitable for inverter and converter applications that drive traction motors for rail transport systems, including the Shinkansen, rapid transits and urban rail transits. PMIs help improve efficiency and save energy.

Main Circuit System for Rail Traction

Subways and Light-Rail Systems

PMIs are also used for inverter applications that drive rail traction powered by DC overhead lines.

Main Circuit System for Light-Rail


IEGTs are commonly used in the power converter for windmill that convert the power of wind into electricity.

Windmill System

PMI Product Lineup

Part Number Package Absolute Maximum Ratings VCE(sat)(V) VF(V)









Test Condition
@IC (A) /



Test Condition
@IF (A) /


MG400FXF2YS53 PMI143C 3300
400 125 4.5 400 / 15 3.5
400 / 0 2 in 1
MG500FXF2YS61 PMI142C 3300 500 150 4.6
500 / 15 4.1
500 / 0
2 in 1
MG800FXF1US53 PMI143B 3300 800 125 4.5 800 / 15 3.5
800 / 0 1 in 1
MG1200FXF1US53 PMI193 3300 1200 125 4.5 1200 / 15 3.5
1200 /0
1 in 1
MG900GXH1US53 PMI193 4500 900 125 4.7
900 / 15 3.8 900 / 0 1 in 1


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